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The Perfect Balance Between Fully and Partially Outsourced IT

Let us handle the dirty work so you can get back to what’s important, running your business.

450+ o365 Migrations Completed 

10+ Awards Won and Counting

9000+ Ticket Hours Completed

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 There’s A Reason Why Organizations Pick Us Over The Competition

Why change vendors every couple of years due to incompetence and lack of due diligence from the vendor? Do it once and never again, build a partnership that’ll last a lifetime.

Our Core Offerings


Infrastructure Management as a Service

  • Decreased Cost – No need for traditional licensure
  • Avoid high cost of up-front monthly payments Flexibility – ability to adjust services to fit client needs  
  • Accessible from anywhere with Internet connection


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Go Green! You save so much money on power and cooling costs  
  • Reduced Space: No worrying about clutter from networking gear and racks. Now you can use your space for other needs
  • Faster server provisioning: Provide your business units with near instant-on capacity. Server virtualization enables adaptable capacity to provide system provisioning and distribution at a moment’s notice


Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • Reduce phone expenses: VoIP costs less than traditional phone lines and removes the need for onsite routing equipment and maintenance 
  • Advanced features: Online call monitoring and phone system access improves communication capabilities
  • Flexibility: VoIP allows staff to call directly from mobile phones 


Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Peace of mind: Automatic backup of new and updated data. Clients will be able to recover virtually all data in the event of a disaster  
  • Increased staff productivity: Recover in minutes from any failure instead of having to waste man-hours 
  • Prevent loss of revenue: Not being able to access certain information can leave businesses with the inability to generate sales or create value


  • Responsive IT at a sustainable cost
  • Training and/or mentoring for IT teams
  • Upgrades to the IT function and its capabilities
  • IT metrics, SLA’s and best practices implementation
  • Assistance with IT management to fill gaps in expertise (SILOS)

Vendor Management

  • Reduce time and effort spent on vendor management 
  • Identify and eliminate vendors who are not benefiting the business  
  • Consolidate vendors to simplify process 
  • Improve relationships with existing vendors

Business Services

  • Deep knowledge of all aspects of IT  
  • Solutions that match clients’ industry and objectives  
  • Best-in-class tools and processes

Microsoft Services

Blue Star Technology Is Built For Microsoft Services Whether your organization needs to move to Office 365 or Azure, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done with minimal disruptions to your operations.

Utilize These Services To Complement Your Lifestyle, Whenever, Wherever.

Whether you’re primarily on the go or work in the office 9-5, everyone has a reason to be using Microsoft Services. Don’t be left in the dust when you need documents at your most.

Everything You Need, All In One Place

Gone are the days where you furiously search for documents scattered in different locations. With the power of Office 365 and Azure everything you ever need is stored in one location making it fast and easy to access documents. 

With over 450 migrations completed, Blue Star Technology is the partner of choice.

A Solution For Every Industry

Whether you work in manufacturing, finance, or healthcare, we have the tools and expertise that you not only need, but come to expect when partnering with us.

  • Non-Profit
  • Government
  • Finance
  • Professional Service
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Residential Care Facilities

The Blue Star Difference

We believe that the most important part of our job is to gain an accurate understanding of our clients’ specific needs. We are not interested in pitching a generic solution. Our clients receive exactly what they need even if it does not result in the most economic benefit for us. We know that every business faces different challenges. Our all-encompassing range of services guarantees an appropriate set of offerings for any situation.

Here's Just A Sample Of Our Areas Of Expertise

Office 365

Microsoft Server Platform

Vendor Management


Disaster Recovery


Located In The Western Chicago Suburbs

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